The Consortium for Research in Eating Disorders (CoRe-ED) is a first-of-its-kind international initiative that brings together all people involved in eating disorders research - researchers, clinicians, people with lived experience, advocates, not-for-profit and industry representatives - globally.

What are eating disorders?

Eating disorders impact around 8% of the world’s population. They involve disturbances in eating or feeding behaviours that can significantly impact physical and mental health. Eating disorders can be experienced by people of any age, gender identity, body size, sexuality, or cultural background. It is not just individuals affected; it is their families and communities too.

Our knowledge of the causes of eating disorders is still limited. It is a complex interaction of genetic, biological, psychological, and social factors. Without understanding exactly how these factors interact, we cannot develop effective treatments for all types of eating disorders and everyone experiencing them.

There is hope though! Across the globe, there is so much expertise and knowledge in eating disorders. By uniting our efforts, we increase our chances of unlocking breakthroughs and developing cures. This is why we created the Consortium for Research in Eating Disorders (CoRe-ED).

Our mission

Advancing Research In Eating Disorders

Amplifying Voices, Bridging Science and Lived Wisdom

We aim to promote innovations in eating disorders research by empowering all voices and ultimately creating new therapies for all people experiencing eating disorders.

International Partners

If you would like to explore partnering with CoRe-ED as the organisations above have, please click here to download our information sheet.

Consortium Launch

We will officially launch the Consortium for Research in Eating Disorders (CoRe-ED) on Wednesday, 25th September 2024, in Melbourne, Australia. A Zoom link will also be available so you can join us wherever you are in the world. Please register here for free to attend our launch online and here is our program for the event. We look forward to welcoming you.

CoRe-ED acknowledges the Boonwurrung and the Wurundjeri clans of the Kulin Nation who are the custodians of the land and waters where CoRe-ED was founded, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.